Industrial Services

JCI provides a complete range of industrial restorative services. Our team is capable of providing high quality cleaning services with optimal results. Our jobs are completed quickly and efficiently to minimize customer down time, and increase cost effectiveness. JCI uses the right methods and materials to complete the job according to the required customer specification, and HSE requirements. We have successfully completed numerous projects in many locations across western Canada over 20 years of service in this industry. JCI has a wealth of knowledge and understands the demands and time responsive nature of industry. Our services are complimentary and valuable to many businesses.
  • Agriculture Buildings
  • Mechanical Shops
  • Industrial Production Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Oil Sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Public Recreation Facilities

Industrial & Commercial Painting:
We are experienced in all types and methods of paint application.  Commercial and

Mobile Sandblasting and Coating:
Various media available to suit the needs of your project.

CO2 Dry Ice Blasting:

Industrial & Commercial Painting:
We are experienced in all types and methods of paint application.

High Pressure Washing:
On site power-washing of heavy equipment, building interior and exteriors, and several other applications.

Construction Clean-Up:
We are responsible for numerous final clean-up on new and renovated facilities including power plants, recreation facilities, retail stores, restaurants, etc. We can work on-site independently throughout the construction process, allowing for better communication with project supervisors and higher productivity for contractors.

Industrial Floor Coatings:
Application of floor coatings to match the needs of your facility. We offer coating materials ranging from basic concrete sealer up to epoxy.