Commercial & Industrial Services

Parking Lot Sweeping
& Line Painting

Our professional sweeping and marking services will enhance the appearance of your facility. Keeping parking areas clean and free of debris will reduce the amount of soil and dirt tracking into your building.

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your parking lot with clearly and brightly marked lines arrows and handicapped stencils. JCI also offers custom stenciling and lot line design services.

Ideal for:
  • Spring clean-up
  • Indoor and outdoor parkade
  • Gravel and debris removal
JCI provides a large range of commercial and industrial restorative services. Serving Brandon, Manitoba for over 20 years, we offer the highest standard of quality and service.

The commercial side of our business focuses on janitorial and commercial cleaning services in schools, retail stores, childcare centers and more. Our industrial services handle the cleaning and maintenance of agriculture buildings, mechanical shops, construction sites, and more!

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